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Greg Roy at Home in Sacred Lands

On January 21st 2022 Greg Roy made a solo appearance at the Sacred Lands Preservation and Education in St Petersburg, FL. The venue spoke for itself as we arrived at the front gate along the drive way we were met by a flock of peafowls lounging in the tropical gardens. With the stage set before sunset a walk by the ocean was timed perfectly as our first attendees walked the gardens to the songs of Garnett Silk flowing from the stage aria the mood was set right for a reggae party.

The performance lasted two and a half hours with smiling faces singing along from beginning to end

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the lovely people who came out and made this special evening a success, equally thankful for all the amazing gifts.

It was such an honor to receive the painting of his imperial majesty Haile Selassie singed by the artist Pedroh_art

Many thank to Gabby Reeder and The Gabber

for there publications and introduction of Greg Roy to there readers See link here.

Happy Birthday to Eric and Monica who celebrated there birthday with us

We appreciate the organizers and ground staff at sacred Lands and we look forward to see you again soon

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