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August is a month away!

We all know the artist was born August 19th 1982 in the friendly city of Montego Bay in the parish of St James. However this years celebrations will be on august 13h in the garden on cottage more details to follow

Greg Roy is set to release an EP (Braking Chains) as well as new single Tittle EVERYTHING

The track will be up for preview on the site shortly

Listen to Greg Roy Music on your favorite streaming platform follow on your prefeed social platform subscribe to the necessary channels RSVP to an event near you and come out to some fun friendly music singalongs.

This weekend we hit the stage at 2pm for the Boston Jerk Fest July 2nd then July 3d 4pm to 8pm we will be live at the High Country Marine in Vermont. come out early for best deals on jet sky's or boat of your choice.

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