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This is a photograph of my biological mother.

The memories I have of the day we met for the second time is still the most exciting memory to date. I have watched her make some tough choices for the better of all her children. I often wondered what thoughts she was having after the passing of a second child to circumstances beyond nature's control as I would watch her pull it together every morning to do what was best for the rest of us. Her name is PAULETTE GIBSON The strongest woman i know where i come from. Lately i came across a few people who have been dealing with me based on what they were told of me be people how basically met me at an event (Knows nothing of who i am) Still i be patient and stick to the lessons taught to me by my elders (Treat people the way you wish to be treated) bibzy is one of the purest hearts i know along with grandma violet both believed that a soft answers turns away wroth. How ever grandma ZETT taught us that standing up for what is right requires no apologies.

Love you mother more than a #webpost can #say

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